My album 'Unlocked' is out now!


My new single Dunes is out now on all streaming platforms!


Hello world!

I'm an artist, performer, musician, computer nerd and early adopter of the MiMU Gloves. With tech-heavy live shows I'm adding a captivating physicality and human intimacy to electronic music. My album ‘Unlocked’ dropped on September 22nd, 2023 and brings together 80s synth pop, alt-R&B and swelling basses in a digital yet poetic dream world.

At ESNS 2023 and The Barbican I've performed the new album tracks in my recently developed immersive light-art installation dubbed B.A.B.Y. (Bionic Assistant for Becoming Yourself) that I control with live body and hand movements through motion capture technology.Earlier, I played shows at events and festivals such as SXSW (USA), Dutch Design Week (the Netherlands), Reeperbahn Festival (Germany), Amsterdam Dance Event (Netherlands), TEDx Amsterdam Women, Groningen & Clerkenwell, Sonar +D (Spain), Greenman Festival (UK), MUTEK Montreal (Canada), Latitude Festival (UK), Ableton Loop (Germany), Explore The North (Netherlands), and many more..

I've successfully crowdfunded the release of my upcoming album "Unlocked" on vinyl with More info on the public release soon!